Leticia Aguilar

A proud Native woman, traditional dancer, and leader in Sacramento California, I’am enrolled member of Pinoleville Pomo Nation. I have a strong belief in the prayer of our ancestors. I am the Secretary of Native Dads Network where I get to do what I love, helping others and working alongside some amazing mentors of our community. I humbly take pride in being a Native woman because I carry the knowledge that has been passed down to me through wise elders, ceremony, and within family, this precious knowledge allows me to understand what it means to be Native, walk in wellness, and help others. I volunteer lots of my time to our Native relatives and non-Native relatives to help in areas where I can be of service and help develop an understanding of the effects of historical trauma so that we can develop ways of historical healing. My understanding of being of service is from a traditional approach to successfully fulfill the needs of our communities and restore the importance of who we are as a people.

"With hard work and dedication together we will achieve greatness".